June 23, 2024

cellphone technologies and the net have modified the world but in terms of senior generation, particularly for senior protection at domestic, more recent technology may be a protection hassle for “Grandma”.phones and contact carrier have been going via a technological revolution for decades however few provide notion to the safety alternate-offs. whilst the primary cordless smartphone got here out, anybody switched without realizing that cordless phones do not paintings in a blackout… an obvious safety concern.more moderen technology continue to run into comparable safety challenges. think about it… how normally have you ever reached on your cell smartphone to discover that the battery become useless? I just reached for my new clever phone the previous day…. it was kaput. Now, what if this took place to Grandma in an emergency?additionally, thousands and thousands have switched to internet telephone offerings with out knowing that once the Cable is going out, so does the telephone. also, cable modems regularly exit in blackout and cuts off internet telephone services.A common purpose Grandma might also need to call for assistance is when she falls. it’s envisioned that half of those over the age of 80 fall at the least as soon as a yr. in keeping with Yale university medical college, the chances of surviving are six times greater if an man or woman who falls is located inside an hour.Now, believe if Grandma falls and struggles to move slowly to the cellphone and, in the end that effort, the battery is lifeless! Battery failures and strength interruptions may be a life threatening state of affairs. In this case, an awesome ol’ stretch-twine telephones walking over plain antique cellphone carrier (POTS) ought to save Grandma’s lifestyles, even in a black out. yet, having a bet on an awesome telephone for protection may be a trouble… what if Grandma falls in the bath and can not get to the smartphone?that is in which non-public Emergency response systems (PERS) takes over. The center of PERS is a button Grandma wears 24 hours a day. So, if she falls, all she needs to do is press it. She would not must mess around with small keys or smart phone sliding bars and icons. over the past 30 years, this dependable and easy answer has saved endless lives.here are 5 motives PERS is advanced era for Grandma:
1: PERS operates on a 5-12 months lifestyles battery so no recharging is needed.
2: PERS works for 30 hours if the electricity goes out (the use of POTS)
3: it is waterproof so it even works even though Grandma is in the bath
4: The PERS button is with Grandma always (now not on the recharger)
5: It has ONE BUTTON operation that is simple to use!
New technologies are added daily but, for now, the time-tested PERS technology nevertheless reigns excellent because the high-quality way to preserve Grandma safe at domestic. given that 1976, LifeFone has been saving lives whilst seconds count with dependable PERS era. you can order a PERS now, it just may shop mom’s, Dad’s or Grandma’s life.